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Public Guardians

We have worked closely with hundreds of Guardians and we understand the wide variety of clothing needs that your clients have.
Like you, we take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously.  We know that accuracy and transparency with every transaction involving your clients is more important than ever.  With iCare Clothing Solutions you will always receive a clear and detailed paper trail for your records.
  • We never bill until the merchandise has been shipped
  • You will receive a clear and professional itemized invoice.
  • Detailed records of each transaction are kept for several years.
  • We are happy to extend 30 day terms to registered Guardians / Conservators.
When your orders are placed directly through iCare Clothing Solutions (as opposed to sending the money to the facility)  you have the assurance that your conservatees funds will be spent promptly and properly every time!

Our Guarantee -  
We only sell quality apparel at competitive prices that means real value for your money.  Of course, all our products and services are fully guaranteed!
Here are some of the Free services we provide:
  • Sizing and selection assistance
  • Color Coordination of all orders
  • Personalized professional labeling
  • Standard Alterations.

We've know how busy you are so we redesigned our site to make it easier for you to order. 
If you ever have a question or problem working with this website,  don't hesitate to give us a call at 310-770-1532 

You don't have to register to place an order, But... there are benefits!
By registering and creating your own account it makes re-ordering a breeze.  Your basic information is automatically entered on your next order.
You can log onto your account and immediately see your ordering history and reprint invoices if necessary.
You can view your orders by items and reorder them with a single click.
You can utilize our gift certificate features to view the balance and redeem them.
You qualify for our Business level terms, giving you 30 days grace to pay.
By adding your email address we can keep you informed of any specials or events that might be of interest to you and your clients. (you can unsubscribe anytime).