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About Us

iCare Clothing Solutions is a family owned business creating specialty adaptive clothing for over 30 years.- Our long experience means we've learned a lot and our experience provides benefits to others who now have a need for our service.
We have integrity in the way we serve our customers and we want to welcome you into our family and make sure to take care of your needs.

We believe quality is important 

-Our clothing is made in the USA

-We offer free labeling so that clothing does not get mixed in with others when being laundered

-We offer personal shopper customer service including color coordination with your order

-We have prepackaged gift baskets you can order with selected items to welcome a loved one into a new facility/offer a nice gift with our bestselling hygienic items

-We carry Plus sizes, and can include alterations to offer clothing that suites your body type. We have expanded our line so that you'll find lots of items that go all the way up to 6X.

-Subscription services for ease of reordering toiletries


At ICARE, we want you to feel welcome, appreciated, and a part of a community. Our company was built to do more than supply you with clothing. This is why we have begun the "Because iCare" Initiative, to have a place to share stories of hope, overcoming, and growth. After your order is placed, you will have an opportunity to share a message with someone overcoming a similar time. Your note might be printed and included in another’s order. You can also be a part of the growing initiative to help others by commenting on our blogs page.